eProfile – A Valuable Resource for Plan Administrators


At ClaimSecure, we offer a secure, web-based reporting system that instantly gives you data you can use to your advantage – with just a few simple clicks. At your disposal 24/7, it’s yours to access free of charge. What kind of information does it relay? Simply put, if our system can capture it, we can share it.

  • Standard Reports

    Choose one of our existing report formats or a format that’s customized to meet your needs. Opting for customization? Our team of talented report writers is able to fulfil most requests in a matter of days. No order too tall, our highly skilled team of analysts can take any complex problem and develop a data model that helps you address specific questions or business needs.

  • uCreate Reports

    Want to create your own report? Tired of paying for new reports or don’t have time to explain your needs? With uCreate Reports, you have total control to select the data fields you need, the period you require and the presentation format you desire – we give you the right tools to customize what you want to see and you determine when you want to see it.

  • Reporting Dashboard

    The Reporting Dashboard shows your benefit utilization and trends with easy to read graphs. You can customize what you want to see by selecting from drop down menus. Your Dashboard is designed to be an interactive and comprehensive tool that automatically populates when you login to the reporting website. Your data at a glance, that’s what the reporting dashboard is all about!

Secure Online File Transfer (SOFT)

Exchanging data is easy with SOFT – a web-based application that supports the electronic exchange of time-sensitive files between our system and yours – in a safe and secure environment.

Eligibility Management

Whether your organization has 10 or 10,000 employees, chances are technology already plays a significant role in the management of your benefit program. Our internet-based eligibility management system is simply an extension of your own. At ClaimSecure, we offer two eligibility management processes.

If you only need to manage a few files at a time, consider our real-time eligibility management tool. It allows you to quickly access current employee records, make changes to existing profiles, and add new employees from the convenience of your own desk. Fast, accurate and timely, it’s an efficient, hassle-free option.

If, on the other hand, you’re tasked with managing numerous files, set up a daily file transfer process and leave the work to us. Upon receipt of a file, eligibility is automatically uploaded to our system by our Secure Online File Transfer (SOFT) facility. SOFT automates the upload from you, as well as the import into our system, with no manual intervention, which means no errors. It’s that easy!

Third Party Administration Billing Service

If you’re a third party administrator looking to save money without compromise, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve extended our service offering to include a flexible and proven employee benefits TPA billing platform.

With this platform, you can select and manage best-in-class providers of insured services – including life, disability and travel – within one convenient, centralized, cost-effective billing system.

Featuring a user-friendly, web-based interface that expedites the implementation and deployment of the new system (Application Service Provider model) and significantly reduces staff training time, this billing platform is an excellent complement to our claims management service.

Coverage Query

Coverage Query is an easy-to-use tool designed to help clients look up plan design information. By entering a drug identification number (DIN), a dental procedure code or an extended health service type, the ClaimSecure web-based system instantly provides coverage information, including:

  • Eligibility
  • Co-pays and maximums
  • Frequency limitations
  • General coverage information

Plan information at your fingertips 24/7 – now that’s convenient!

HR Second Opinion

Are the resources of your human resources department tapped out? We can help. Our web-based HR Second Opinion service is an affordable, go-to resource for employee relations management support.

  • Save time and money: Access pre-written forms, letters and employee handbook templates.
  • Take control: Our HR files and dashboard tools help you manage all of your HR information.
  • Stay informed: Keep on top of current labour laws and provincial regulations.