Supporting Pharmacists Manitoba to Help Bring Smoking Cessation Solutions to the Province

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This health and wellness social impact bond is the first of its kind in Manitoba and provides a unique opportunity for people to become non-smokers and improve their overall wellbeing. Under this “Quit Smoking with Your Manitoba Pharmacist” program, Manitobans 18 and older are eligible for counseling, prescribed medications and other therapies, starting with an initial assessment at local participating […]

Slynd® – A Progestin-Only Pill with a Wider Missed-Pill Window

Drug Review: Volume 22, Issue 8 (PDF)   An unintended pregnancy (UP) can have significant health, social and financial impacts on the mother and their family. In Canada, it is estimated that nearly 8.6 million women of reproductive age (between 15 and 49 years old) are at risk of UPs. A major contributing factor is not […]