Third Party Administrators (TPA)

As a true partner, ClaimSecure delivers above and
beyond what you can hope to get from a mere supplier.

As one of the country’s leading TPA outsourcing partners, we offer fully integrated claims management technology and/or billing services. Partner with us and we’ll make every effort to promote your brand with every product we launch and every change we make, because your success matters to us.

We recognize that your customers want an experience that only your organization can provide and we’ll help you give them what they want by not only working with you, but working for you, customizing a formal action plan that’s based on your unique growth strategy, customer needs, infrastructure, budgets and long-term planning.

Smart technology is a great advantage, but it’s not enough to set you apart from your competition and maximize profitability. With ClaimSecure, you get the full package – smart technology, extensive claims knowledge and operational expertise.