Promote Work-life Balance with ClaimSecure's Travel Insurance

Show your employees you value their quality of life by supporting their personal goals with travel coverage. With insurance in place, your employees and their families will be able to pick up and go, knowing that you have their back in the event of a medical emergency.

Give your employees up to 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 consecutive days of coverage per trip.

Medical Plan

Benefit Limit (per Emergency)
Out-of-Province/Canada Medical Benefit Unlimited
Medical Referral Up to $50,000 per lifetime
Hospital Accommodation Standard or Semi-Private Room or ICU
Physician Reasonable & Customary Costs
Prescriptions Reasonable & Customary Costs
Diagnostic Services Reasonable & Customary Costs
Medical Appliances Reasonable & Customary Costs
Ambulance Services Reasonable & Customary Costs
Paramedical Practitioners Covered during hospital confinement
Nursing Care Reasonable & Customary Costs
Treatment of Dental Accidents Up to $2,000
Medical Evacuation Reasonable & Customary Costs
Family/Friend Hospital Visit Round-trip economy airfare & lodging for one family member
Return of Vehicle Up to $5,000
Accommodation $3,000 per trip
Return of Deceased Reasonable & Customary Costs

Your employees have the option of selecting coverage for just themselves or for all family members. What’s more, their children automatically get up to 275 consecutive days of coverage if they are a full-time student registered in a school outside their home province or territory.

Benefit Highlights

Quick, convenient, one-time enrollment; employees are not required to complete a medical questionnaire

Choice of coverage options to meet your employees’ needs

Zero deductible on all coverage options; your employees will be taken care of from the first dollar

24/7 emergency assistance from a multilingual team

Support in selecting a medical facility that can coordinate direct payment, enabling claimants to focus on health issues at hand, rather than the associated bills

One-year rate guarantee