JORVEZA® - Breakthrough Treatment for Eosinophilic Esophagitis

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Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a chronic condition that is caused by the immune system and can result in difficulty swallowing, heartburn and chest pain. The prevalence of EoE is approximately 32 of 100,000 adults in North America.

Treatment duration of acute EoE flareups is typically 6-12 weeks and involves the following: dietary restriction (ex. milk, eggs, nuts etc.), inhaled topical steroids (such as inhaled fluticasone) and proton-pump-inhibitors (PPIs; such as rabeprazole); however, treatment with these agents for EoE is not Health Canada approved and would be considered off-label. Currently, Jorveza is the only drug that is officially indicated for the treatment of EoE in Canada.

Jorveza is an orally dissolving steroid that does not require any difficult technique or preparation on the part of the patient for the treatment of EoE. This contrasts with previously available topical steroid devices such as inhaled fluticasone MDI or budesonide nebules, which require swallowing of contents and mixing with thickening agents respectively in order to get adequate exposure to the esophagus.

Studies have demonstrated Jorveza®’s superiority to placebo with respect to efficacy. This is exemplified by greater rates of clinical remission (59.3% vs. 13.8% at 6 weeks of treatment) and remission of symptoms and inflammation (86.7% vs. 0% at 12 weeks of treatment). 

Jorveza® is available as an oral-disintegrating tablet. The maximum dose is 1mg dissolved twice daily, which results in an annual cost of $462.00 – $924.00 depending on treatment duration. Due to its reasonable treatment cost, demonstrated benefits and its breakthrough nature to treat EoE, Jorveza® will be Fully Covered for ClaimSecure groups subscribed to Managed and Comprehensive Formularies. 


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